national conferences


In the context of the RARECARENet, the European Cancer Patient Coalition organised 4 national multi-stakeholder meetings in Belgium, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Ireland  to discuss the  public health issue of rare cancers in each country. The objectives of the meetings were to present to participating local experts the country-specific RARECARENet high resolution studies and hospital volume analysis results and to open a discussion  on how the management of rare cancers, starting from the results of studies,  may be improved locally for the benefit of patients.

The presentations were followed by an expert discussion on:

  • The state of art of rare cancer activities in each country and the growing issue that these cancers pose.
  • The quality of care for rare cancers in each country and on the best model to make sure that the quality is optimal (importance of centralisation, reference networks, referral to another country).
  • Where should the treatment of rare cancers take place in each country

Please click on the country of your interest for more information:

Belgium - in collaboration with the Belgian Cancer Registry 

Bulgaria   in collaboration with the National Oncology Hospital and the Bulgarian National Cancer Registry 

For the Bulgarian version click here

Slovenia  - in collaboration with the Cancer Patients Association of Slovenia and Institute of Oncology Ljubljana

For the Slovenian version click here

Ireland - in collaboration with the National Cancer Control Programme 


To access the overall Policy Recommendations based on all the above meetings on ‘’What can be done about rare cancers?” click here