e-ESO session on RareCancers

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 The European School of Oncology in co-operation with Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology and Critical Reviews in Oncology Hematology is holding a series of distance learning programmes on the Internet, called 'e-sessions': e-grandrounds and e-oncoreviews.

e-grandrounds : are bi-monthly sessions on hot-topics organised without commercial sponsorship and are CME and ESMO-MORA accredited. 
e-oncoreviews : are monthly sessions designed to offer a balance and comprehensive overview on a specific topic, be it a tumour type, a type of therapy, diagnostic or therapeutic approach. Some e-oncoreviews are organised in collaboration with the School's sponsors, whilst ESO-organised sessions are held in co-operation with Nature Reviews in Clinical Oncology and Critical Reviews in Oncology Hematology, CME and ESMO-MORA accredited.